The biggest vision

Integrating overseas vets in the UK veterinary community

AD-VETERPRISES was founded by Andreia Dias, who is an overseas vet herself from Portugal that moved to Scotland in 2015.

Projects run by AD-VETERPRISES aim to help the veterinary community and, particularly the overseas vet community in the UK.

A leap of faith

UK VetLeap developed after varied experiences with overseas vets at different stages of their careers.

This project’s vision is simple, yet ambitious: to make sure every overseas vet that comes to the UK receives the support required to succeed.


The challenges of moving abroad are many and can compound, neagtively affecting our mental health. The biggest struggles we face as overseas vets have less to do with our veterinary skills and more to do with understanding the culture we’re joining. But this can be very hard to do without the right guidance.

UK VetLeap wants to make sure every overseas vet has the best chance at creating a fulfilling career and life in the UK by facilitating the transition and adaptation to British culture and the profession.

Support your overseas employee

UK VetLeap is the best way to train and support your overseas employee and improve their understanding of the environment around them, leading to better client care, improved skills, increased performance and a happy vet. 


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