A Leap in Training and Retaining Overseas Vets

The only sensible way of working with overseas vets to improve their skills, confidence and performance in practice. 

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Overseas employees

Costing you money and clients

No matter how well intentioned you are, adding an overseas vet to your team will usually have an impact in your practice dynamics and finances. They may cost the practice clients, money and sometimes even other staff members. You are rightly concerned about the strain on the entire team and the potential of having to deal with staff retention, including from the overseas employee that feels unable to match the expectations. But overseas employees can become an incredibly valuable asset for the practice, as they tend to be loyal to the practice, resilient and hard-workers. Once they learn how to do their job the way the UK needs them to, their desire to please can make them one of your top performing employees.

Recruitment impasse

Are you worried about making it work for everyone?

More and more overseas vets attempt a career in the UK. However, you want to choose your applicants carefully. They will all need support, but some are more flexible than others. Once you decide you are working with an overseas vet, you ahave to set them up for success. 

UK VetLEAP is just that – our signature programme to boost overseas vets performance, profitability and retention.


Trustworthy relationships

Hiring overseas candidates is often easier than finding a UK graduate, but helping with the change is overwhelming for both the employer and the employee. This is because none of the two parties is quite ready for intercultural communication or cultural shock.

UK VetLEAP is the only existing programme that addresses this with both parties, the vet and the employer.

Support Levels

Made for the vet, delivering for the practice

Our signature programme provides support in FIVE main areas:

  • Veterinary Knowledge that is adapted to UK practice
  • Technical and Professional Skills, such as running a consultation and performing surgery
  • Intercultural communication, both for clients and team work
  • Emotional Resilience and Development to cope with the challenges of the profession
  • Cultural Adaptation and Acceptance to increase retention

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Do you want to support your overseas vet and get them up to speed with your practice?

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Module 01 – Prophylaxis

Vaccinations, parasitic preventatives, nutrition, pet insurance, health plans

Module 02 – Diagnostics

Laboratory testing, cytology, diagnostic imaging

Module 03 – Medicine

Cardiovascular, respiratory, skin, eyes, GI, liver, pancreas, haematological, immune-mediated, infectious, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, oncologic, behavioural

Module 04 – Surgery and Anaesthesia

Anaesthasia, sedation, multimodal pain control, neutering, dental treatment, GI surgery, emergency surgery, others

British Culture – Understanding client expectations and getting along with your team

Communication and British culture specifics, the importance of pets as family members.

Professional Development – Working in a team and finding support

The role of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses, understanding the Code of Conduct, PDP support, client communication (informed consent, finances, euthanasia, others)

UK VetTalks – Clinical English and Communication for Vets

Weekly online classes with a veterinary teacher, aimed at improving the usage of clincal terms, speech fluency and simulate client discussions and interactions. 

Individual Coaching and Mentoring – For career and relocation support

Private coaching sessions to discuss work and non-work related challenges associated with the transition to a new country, available during the entire year. Typically weekly/bi-weekly for the first 3 months, then bi-weekly/monthly as appropriate.

Clinical mentoring available to discuss cases and clinical approaches.

Still recruiting?

Partnerships for you

We partnered with The Vet Service to help you recruit overseas candidates. We have a special offer for practices that hire overseas vets via The Vet Service.

We also run a special offer for VetDynamics practices.


Supporting your practice

UKVetLeap - Student

Common Goals

For the Practice and the Vet

Regular meetings with practice management staff to support team integration and specific goals and challenges for the applicant.




Webinars included

Bespoke CPD can be created for the entire team based on specific needs to the staff and practice development goals. Includes four webinars, appropriate for all team members.

Comprehensive Pricing Structure

Spread out and for as long as you need it

The training programme is paid for in twelve monthly instalments, subject to the employee remaining in the same work contract.

Contact us for more information.

UK VetLEAP - The only sensible way of working with overseas vets

“I’m happily living and working in the UK and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done this without Andreia’s help. No matter how many great things you may have heard about a life as a vet in the UK, the fear of not succeeding, of not being good enough to handle it or not really knowing where to start to make that dream happen will prevent you from possibly making the best decision of your entire life. Andreia provides you with the inside knowledge, the necessary support on every step of the way and nothing seems to be too much trouble. I’m so happy and grateful to have found her and this project. Highly recommended!”

Cristina Lopes

Veterinary Surgeon, Portugal

 “I would like to thank Andreia with UKVet Move because it gave me an excellent opportunity to feel confident in the profession and also discuss other things that foreigners are struggling with in the UK. I initially started with the English lessons which were great and after seeing how beneficial they are and all the information Andreia is providing I felt sure to change to the mentoring program. Andreia covered all the mandatory treats a new to the profession a vet would have to deal with in the UK and other questions more advanced that came afterwards. I sincerely thank you Andreia and I hope more new to the UK and to the profession vets will be lucky to join your mentoring programme.”

Asimina Pantazoni

Veterinary Surgeon, Greece

Let's work together for the profession